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Parent Information

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I bring to the Kindergarten?

  • A kindergarten bag with a spare change of clothes.(We offer and encourage messy/sensory play)
  • A hat even in winter as we check the U.V and wear hats when required
  • A drink bottle to be placed on the drink trolley. (Water only, no fruit drinks cordial etc.)
  • Lunch box placed in the square cubbies
  • Two serves of fruit for Fruit time

What does my child need for lunch?

  • Healthy options like sandwiches, wraps, rice, noodles. We are a nut aware centre so please no nuts as we have children who are severely allergic to nuts (e.g. NO peanut butter, Nutella, muesli bars)
  • We cannot heat food up at Kindergarten
  • We have a healthy eating policy and recommend treats like chips and chocolate to not be put into your child’s lunch box

How do I know what my child has been doing at Kindergarten?

  • Please look at the learning program on the left as you enter kindergarten
  • Your child has a learning folder which we encourage you to share with your child and your family
  • Join our closed Facebook Group
  • Have a look around kindergarten to see samples of children’s work
  • Make sure you have your email on the enrolment from so that you can be emailed our weekly emails
  • One newsletter per term

Who can I speak to if I need more information?

  • Please see staff and we will be happy to chat with you . If it is busy at pickup and drop of times please make an appointment after hours to speak to staff.
  • Please do check your pockets (where your child hangs their bags ) we use these as a means of communication.
  • If you have a complaint please see the DfE complaint procedure on Contact page.

What happens at drop of and pick up times?

Drop off

  • Please sign your child in on the attendance sheet at the front of kindergarten.
    Support your child and encourage them to independently organise them selves to hang up their bags and put their lunch and drink bottle away
  • Suggest an experience for your child and settle them into the experience and then say goodbye, staff will be on hand to support the farewell

Pick up

  • Please sign your child out of kindergarten ( please note that your child can only be picked up by those authorised on the enrolment form or by written consent by parents/ caregivers). Please let staff know if someone else is picking your child up
  • Please wait till your child is farewelled by the teacher before taking your child home

What happens if my child is sick/away?

  • Please notify staff about illnesses so we can let our community know about contagious illnesses
  • If your child is away or having a long holiday please do let staff know as it is important for our staffing